Thursday, November 17, 2011

Those Little Touches...

When I leave town, I always miss home. Yes, I miss the biggest parts of "home" - my husband, children, the house itself - but I also find that I miss the little things - the things that perhaps I don't appreciate as much as I should when I am surrounded by them.

What do these "little things" include? Here are just a few:

1. My fireplace(s) - we have a gas fireplace, a wood-burning fireplace, and one that simply isn't safe (one of my dreams is to purchase a gas insert for that one!). There is something about a fireplace, when lit, that warms the spirit with the room. Our gas fireplace can be seen from outside, and my husband always comments how he loves to pull into our driveway and see the fire blazing.

2. My kitchen - if you love to cook, your kitchen start to reflect your taste - in both decor and in food. I love puttering in my kitchen, making peppermint tea, trying new recipes, even making homemade dog biscuits. In many respects, the kitchen is my playground.

3. Sunsets - Okay, these don't come exclusively with my house, but I do live on top of a hill, and so the sunsets over the valley are fantastic. My husband and I love to spend those last moments of daylight, watching the sun creep below the horizon, and then the array of colors the clouds reflect until everything becomes shades of blue, gray, and black. It is our favorite time of day -"our time". When I am out of town, I miss those moments a great deal.

4. My gardens - during the spring, summer, and fall, I love to "play" in my garden, trying new herbs, flowers, and veggies each year. Last year, for the first time, I grew white pumpkins. I put in a bed of asparagus. I am already making plans for next year. And, that is the beauty of gardening - there is always next year!

What small things do you love about your home???


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  1. Days like today would be one of them. It's a real winter's day... faded skies, lots of sunshine making the snowy roofs and lawns glimmer. As I write the sun is already far west and is thinking about setting in the next hour or so (around 4 pm).....

    it's so beautiful and cozy. It makes me feel snug, cozy and creative. I want to read my Victoria magazines and dream pretty thoughts. I want to read novels that inspire me and take me to places that speak of love and beauty and goodness.

    Hope you are enjoying your day.......