Friday, November 11, 2011

Changing of the seasons means...

...breaking out the new feeders! The hummingbird and oriole feeders now sit in our spare bathtub, waiting to be cleaned and put away. We put out the winter feeders, filling the finch socks with Niger seed, the hanging bird trays with black sunflower seed, and suet feeders (as seen above) with fresh fat.

The prairie is still ripe with seed, so we aren't seeing many birds yet. But soon, as the cold winds continue to drive the seed to the ground, and the snow and ice fall, our feeders will be abuzz with activity.

On my Christmas list this year, I have placed a heated bird bath. One of my good friends told me that it is the best way to attract and keep winter birds at the feeders.

So, a bit of our prairie dream: watching the feeders as fall fades and winter makes her appearance.

What are you doing to mark the season's changing?



  1. Yes, I love bringing out the feeders... often we keep some of them up all year round.

    We have a heated water bath.... and have used it over the years. We loved seeing the birds congregate around it.

    But a bird friend recently told us that it's not actually a good idea, because if the birds decide to take a bath (and they do) they might actually freeze because the water freezes inside their feathers. So we thought... ooo.. maybe we wont' put it out anymore. They do eat snow. Just thought I'd share the other side of that.

    One thing I do when the evenings draw closer sooner is to turn on the little twinkle lights I have strung on a fig tree. I love it as the shadows lengthen and the corner it sits in glows with warm light.

  2. Brenda -
    Wow! I am glad you posted that! I certainly don't want to freeze them!! Thank you for sharing that information!