Sunday, November 27, 2011

A speck of light...

I have been having a dry spell in terms of my creative work. I often feel like I am pushing forward, trying to move it ahead, but meeting with some brick walls. I was thinking this through before church last night, noting at that time how dark the stained glass windows appear on the inside of a church at night. It is similar to how dark aspects of our lives seem sometimes when we are "inside ourselves". 

As I was mulling this over, I noticed a strange red, small light glowing in one of the stained glass panels. Somewhere outside, a beam of light reached the glass and caused a small circle of red glass to glow amidst all of the blackness. So, even though I could not see the colors in the window, they were there, of course. The window just need to be illuminated.

It reminded me of how we sometimes don't feel faith in what we are doing, and yet that faith is still there, residing in our souls, even as a small ember, ready to burst into flame, never completely extinguished. It just needs a bit of flame.

So, it is back to my creative work, in spite of not feeling the faith in what I am doing or the hope that it will come to fruition. I am going where I believe God is leading me, and until He shows me differently, I walk on faith - not feeling. And, perhaps like that small circle of light, a bit of the feeling soon will return!

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