Thursday, November 10, 2011


I hate to admit it, but I can procrastinate with the best of them. There are times when I am on a roll - I check off every item on my to do list, and it feels so good! But there are times, especially when I have very tedious projects or projects that make me nervous to begin, and I can find a hundred reasons not to sit down and just do it!

That happened to me tonight. I have to edit a paper, and yuck - I don't want to. So, I have found all sorts of meaningless tasks to fill my night - and now, four and a half hours later, it is almost time for bed, and I feel the same lethargic feeling I have when I have eaten too many dove candies. Yuck!

What tasks do you try to avoid? How do you kick yourself into gear?

What am I going to do? Make myself stay up and at least get started! Often that is the hardest part!


  1. LOL.... I am chuckling so hard I can hardly type, when you said you felt the same lethargic feeling you have when you eat too many dove candies.

    Been there too! Too well I know about filling in numberous hours with fiddly nonsense stuff and then end up feeling over-doved (in my case I have eaten too many sweets, but my current tempter are the olive oil and cracked pepper Triscuits)... too many of those and I feel like Snoopy when he over eats and says "Bleh!"

    I'm just thinking why aren't we (me) asking the Holy Spirit to show us the hidden motive why we are procrastinating.... if we find the root, we can work at changing the direction.

  2. Brenda - I agree - we need to get to the source - and the Holy Spirit can show us the root of our bad behaviors.
    P.S. I have a TERRIBLE Triscuit addiction - with hummus!

  3. ohh... hummus... now that would certainly add another layer of delight!

    Triscuits too... oh my... are we cut from the same cloth?