Thursday, April 5, 2012

Readying my Spirit...

I always prepare for the new year. No matter what is happening, I pause and take time to write my goals in great detail for the year to come. A new year. A new calendar. 365 blank pages just waiting there for me to fill. It almost takes this planner's breath away.

But, during this Lenten season, I realized more and more that Easter is really the day for new beginnings - a new season for the heart. So, as this time of reflection and repentance is quickly moving to the day of new life and celebration, I am developing a short, sweet list of resolutions to maintain this spirit of renewal. I need to move my time for Bible study and reflection higher on my list of daily priorities. I want to focus more time on my ministry. And, I want to "ritualize" the process of seeking God's will in my life first, seeking His guidance before making decisions. I want to reduce the space between me and Him.
How are you preparing your heart for Easter?

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