Saturday, April 14, 2012

Managing the Lush Days of Spring...

During these lush days of spring, I find myself pulled in so many directions. Gardening... work... writing... family times.... church... routine/ mundane errands.... what to do, what to do?

I am trying to new ways of managing all of my "I have tos" and "I want tos".
First, I am trying to plan ahead, scheduling days off, looking forward and scheduling when things can be done. I mean a month ahead - that much to be done! This includes buying seeds and flowers, cultivating beds, planting canna bulbs, buy baby and graduation gifts... all those things that, if not scheduled, seem not to get done.

Next, I am trying the "nibble" method of accomplishment. When my to do list gets overwhelming or discouraging, I try to do a bit of what I need to do at a time - for the projects I don't relish - and schedule large blocks of time for those I do enjoy doing. This includes cleaning, working on a paper that is due, and sending out invitations.

Lastly, I am trying to structure the items on my to do list. For those items I want to do - but find it difficult to carve out sufficient time (such as my Bible study, exercise, etc.), I am scheduling them in conjunction with other items. Now, my husband or I read our Bible study to the other while that person cooks dinner. I find ritualizing behaviors helps "cement" them. Next I plan to ritualize my treadmill time - but this is a bit harder task! 

Block, Nibble, Ritualize - techniques I am using this busy spring, wanting to get so much accomplished. Spring has sprung, and I feel it in my bones.... time to shake off the dormancy of winter and move ahead... but in a bit more structured manner.

How are you getting your spring frenzy under control?


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