Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The sound that says "SPRING"!!....

Last night, my husband called to me as he stood at the backdoor, "Come here and listen." I joined him on the back porch, and heard that sweet sound (well,it is still sweet this time of year) - that faint, "eeep.....eeeep...." - the call of the first peepers.

This sound was not part of my childhood. I grew up in a major metropolitan area. But, now that I live on my meadowed farm, I have learned to listen for it - to "listen" for spring.

The peepers generally begin in March, but you never know when. The sound sneaks up on you - I am always surprised and so delighted to hear those first "peeps". 

Sometimes, the peepers are off to a false start; they wake up and start their peeping, only to receive a blast of cold air - which quiets them for the time being. But, you know that they are there - that the lull is brief  - just a rest. And, each time the air warms, the peeps are a bit louder, a bit stronger. By the time the cold blasts have been pushed north for the season, the sound of the peepers is deafening!

So "Good morning" peepers! Wake up, world!

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