Sunday, January 8, 2012

Plan your work, and work that plan...

...and yes, exercise is part of my plan!

Am I batting a 100% with my resolutions?  No. But, I am moving forward on them, checking them off. For the first time in 27 years, my husband is participating in two of my goals with me: exercise and Bible study. And, it is nice to have a partner.

Speaking of having a partner, I have found that that is one of the secrets of achieving goals and of moving ahead with dreams. What are some other techniques that work for me? 

I find that it is important for me to write down my goals, breaking them into achievable small pieces, and then scheduling the completion of each of those pieces. I have them in my task list in my IPad but I also write them down and check them off. Lastly, I review my goals for the next day each evening so I know what I want to accomplish for the day the moment I wake up.

This mild prairie winter certainly helps! It bolsters my mood and makes spring feel that much closer.

What do you do to achieve your goals? Jump in here and share! I'd love more tips!

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  1. Mine too.See my blog post. I am glad to have found you here. Hope you have a lovely weekend.