Friday, January 27, 2012

Dreams ... and dreams

This blog - "Prairie Dreams" is dedicated to the hopes, dreams, plans, wishes, desires that we all have within us - and how we can take those little seeds, plant them, nurture them, and make them grow.

But what about actual dreams - the types we drift into, where stories in bits and pieces - through odd twists and turns - come to us with little effort on our part. Do they have any meaning? Is our mind or spirit "speaking" to us?

This was the topic of conversation at our breakfast table this morning. It all started when my husband and I realized we had had exactly the same dream - within two days of each other. In the dream, we are in a house which we own, but we have forgotten we owned it, and it has been abandoned for years - yet full of the debris of previous owners. Although we describe the homes in the dreams as very different homes, in both cases we own the homes, we have forgotten about them, they are in disrepair, and we are trying to decide what to do with them.

So, what to make of it? I did a quick search of the Internet to see what dream interpreters would make of such things - not knowing if I believe in such a "science" or not. Homes apparently represent the dreamer - so, it seems they would say that both my husband and I have parts of ourselves we have forgotten and that have been neglected and are coming back to mind. Hmmm....

Do you believe in dreams? Do you ever act on them?
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