Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smile - You have Choices!!

Happiness is not about how much cash you have - it is about whether or not you have the ability to realize your dreams - in other words, having choices = happiness.

Researchers from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand analyzed questionnaires from 420,000 people in 63 countries and found that individuals who were able to make their own choices - to open a bookstore for example - claimed the highest levels of well-being.

"So while wealth can provide you with more choices, it's really having the ability to realize your dreams that leads to greater happiness," says study coauthor Ronald Fischer, Ph.D.(Source: AARP magazine).
I will remind myself of that this week as I choose to edit my book instead inside of going outside and enjoying this gorgeous weather and the autumn-laced trees.... I am happy.... this is my choice...:)

How are you progressing on your goals? Do you feel you have choices - or do you feel stuck?

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  1. I learned a long time ago that being happy is a choice. I like how you said that when you made the choice to work on your book on that gorgeous day, you were happy, because you wanted to... and made the choice.

    The enemy of our souls likes to make us think we have no choices in our lives, but as my husband has been so very patiently saying over the year, there is always a choice. Sometimes we may not like the options, but there is still choice available.

    That has made a big difference for me in how I look at my life and what I'm doing. We do have the wonderful gift of choice.