Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple Dreams....

We all have dreams.. big dreams, long range dreams, seemingly unobtainable dreams. I have those dreams, too. But today I want to focus on a small dream - it was a longstanding dream, and yet a small little dream. The dream of owning a Maltese puppy.

I had been raised with yorkies - and I love them! They are feisty, small in stature - but large in personality. They will take on the world. We have always had a yorkie in the house, until my daughter got married this summer and took "her" baby to her new home. And with that, I lost two kiddos!

I found our next dog (actually she found me) when someone dumped my part Golden Retriever, part Irish Wolfhound - and part many other breeds - on the side of the road with her puppy. Someone was kind enough to take the two orphan dogs to the vet. The puppy was adopted immediately, but not mamma dog. Our vet knows I am a soft touch, so the office called to let me know that this dog was going to be put to sleep if no one wanted her. Needless to say, she has been part of our household ever since.

My husband was raised with Boston Terriers - and has passed on this tradition to our sons - so we have had a Boston in our home for over 10 years. Even with all of these canines, I never gave up my desire for a Maltese puppy - soft and silky, with jet black eyes, these gentle, quiet lap dogs worm their way into your heart. They are the babies that just want to be held. And with my kiddos one by one exiting my home, I was ready for my new "baby". I did not want to go to a breeder to get the perfect puppy. I have always liked the underdog. So, I searched the rescue dog sites and found a Maltese puppy that a breeder turned over because it needed surgery. After a sixteen hour drive (there and back) through the backwoods of Missouri - we had "Pepper" the new baby of our household.

Dreams - even small dreams - do come true!


  1. Your posting melts my heart. I love puppies and kitties. Kitties are my first heart. I had four at one time, and our last one went on to her kitty home in heaven just this past spring. I miss her a lot some days!

    But how exciting that your dream for a little Maltese has come true. She's adorable... she's a Princess!

  2. Brenda -
    I am so sorry about the loss of your kitty! They become members of the family, don't they? Our family cat passed away four years ago - at the age of 23! Left quite a hole!

  3. Yes, the hole is big and furry! Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'd have another kitty in a wink (or is that whisker) but hubby wants some space so that we can travel or visit family in other places without needing to care for pets. And I'm okay with that... and I feel the ease at being able to pick up at the drop of a hat now, but still I do miss her purry presence.