Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Saying "Yes" and remembering then to say "No"....

The road to achieving your goals can be full of potholes. One of the biggest potholes I find, unfortunately, we dig ourselves.... we say "yes" to a new project, a new obligation, a new commitment - and dig a hole. What we forget - and I am so guilty of this - is that each time we say "yes" to something new that requires our time, we don't say "no" to something that equally (or preferably) consumes more of our time. "Yes" digs the hole in our time - "no" helps fill the hole.
Yesterday, I said "yes" to another position on a community board. I am now searching my obligations to determine what I can let go of - if I don't, I know I will have even less time for my dreams, my prayer life, my family, my de-stress time - the parts of my life that matter most - that I need - in which I find fulfillment. Say "yes" too often - and you push your dreams even further into the future. Say "no" to things that don't matter - and you will enrich your life, find time for your dreams, and bless those you care about with that special, priceless gift: time!

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