Friday, September 30, 2011

Keeping Dreams Alive....

I think that one of the most challenging parts of making dreams a reality is keeping dreams alive. This is especially true during times when I am overwhelmed with work -or when I am in a down period and just find it plain hard to move my dreams forward.

During these times, I find my lists invaluable. If I can't make progress on my dreams, I can at least make progress organizing my space and my time to work on them. I can take my big dreams and break them down into bite-sized pieces and schedule them in. I can sit down over tea or a glass of wine with my husband and strategize on how to get back on track.

I admit - it isn't easy to keep trudging ahead -especially with dreams that years of planning. But, having achieved several of them - I can you that tell that they are worth the plodding.

As fall begins to settle over the prairie, and the fire grass is starting to blaze its brilliant orange and red hues, I am starting to shift gears and am thinking more of my indoor goals and dreams. As I am closing up my gardens for the year, picking the pumpkins and the last of this season's squash, I am dusting off writing projects and recipes, pulling out the knitting needles and planting indoor herbs.

The dreams that went dormant in summer are stirring with new life!

What are your dreams for the winter months?


  1. I like how you put that, Lisa!

    That's a nugget for me... that when the dreams aren't forthcoming, at least we can make progress by organizing our space and our time to work on them in bite-size pieces...

    For me, my dreams include:

    - writing more purposefully with His heart in my blog
    - writing several pieces for my writers' guild quarterly publication. I have a column about blogging, and I'd like to submit other pieces too
    - getting those areas of my house (like my office and storage spaces) where paper and stuff has once again (sigh) accumulated.

  2. Brenda -
    Thanks for sharing your winter dreams/ projects. You made me remember another one: clean out three years of magazines!
    (But never my old Victoria magazines - those are gems!)

  3. Totally with you... other magazines can come and go for the most part, but I have every copy (and some more than one) of my classic Victoria magazines. They are a resource of encouragement, inspiration and creativity any time I feel I need a pick me up.

    It is sooooooo amazing how many women I've met online who adored the Victoria's of old. Nancy Lindemeyer's dream for that magazine has touched thousands and continues to this day. Her legacy is amazing.

    She does have a blog and posts occasionally if you aren't aware of that).