Friday, August 12, 2011

Another "Dream" Realized...

I rarely leave work early - so rarely, it is hard to remember the last time I did it. But, I realize now that when opportunity knocks, if you don't answer that door, it just may not knock again.

 So, when my neighbor and good friend Betty called and asked if I would finally like to learn how to make jelly, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

I told all my co-workers, "I am leaving at 2:30 p.m. - I am going to make jelly!!!" Okay, I got a few strange looks, but when they heard the "I'm fulfilling a dream" tone in my statement, they were all there, helping me get out the door.

There is nothing like having a professional for a teacher - and Betty is just that. From artisan bread to canned beef, from an heirloom garden, to pottery - Betty can do it all. I follow her around like a groupie - amazed at what she can do.

Who knew that if you blanch peaches for 1 minute, the skin rolls off? That sugar should not touch the sides when you are adding it to the fruit? That a rolling boil is needed before you start to time the final phase? 

It is so nice to have a teacher right at hand - not doing your work, but talking you through it - and I learned that the fruit "foam" is one of the most amazing parts of the jelly!

Thanks, Betty - another dream fulfilled!

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  1. Your posting reminds me of the time years ago when a colleague at work announced something similar... she was going home to make jam with Charlie (her hubby).

    Well, there was a lot of winking and nudging as we teased her about making jam with Charlie. It became a standing code word that we loved to giggle over from time to time.