Monday, December 3, 2012

The Season Begins....

Each year, snow or no snow, the prairie greets the Christmas season with a flair all of its own. And try as we may with lights and garland, we just can't compete with its elegance.

The wild winterberry bushes area dotted red with the berries that emerged last month, looking very much like they are bedecked with fairy ornaments.

Pine cones litter the trees and the ground. The red twig Dogwood bushes are just starting to reveal their crimson stalks. Now a dusting of snow would set all of this off nicely... but I am certainly enjoying the 70 degree weather. Perhaps Christmas eve?


  1. What a beauteous pine cone... you certainly caught the elegance of it in your photo!

  2. PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my place. You mentioned reading my comment in an old post about the Transformed Life, Transformed City course I was taking.

    It's a DVD School from the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) School of Supernatural Ministry (Spokane). It ran in our local church last fall.

    Its purpose is to equip and transform people who then can go to their sphere of influence and transform their city.

    The DVD school curriculum, consisting of approximately 60 sessions, is broken into four sections:

    Section 1. Rightly Relating: Healing and Renewing the Mind. This section takes the student on a process of heaing and renewing the mind in order to know his or her identity in the Kingdom of God, have an accurate view of the Godhead, and how to relate to the Body of Christ in honour.

    Section 2. Kingdom of God: Foundation Truths of God's Kingdom. This section gives the student the foundational truths about how God's Kingdom functions. Some of the topics include: Apostolic Government, Supernatural Revelation, Activating the Angelic, and the Five-Fold Ministry.

    Section 3. Healing: Fundamentals of Provisions for Healing and Walking in Divine Health (SOZO). This section presents the fundamentals of provision for receiving and keeping healing. Subject matter includes: Sozo (saved, healed and delivered), Anointing to Heal; Healing the Land; Health: Stewarding the Body; Roadblocks to Healing, and more.

    Section 4. Seven Mountain Mandate: Dealing with the Institutions that Influence Society. This section identifies the major institutions that influence society and gives the student insight into the strategies that will help them have an impact in the sphere to which God is calling them.