Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Bit Perturbed...

As I previously posted, hummingbirds are one of my favorite birds... by the time summer comes, I consider them nearly to be pets. When fall's cool breezes stir, and they pack their little bags for warmer weather, I feel a bit blue as I clean the feeders and place them away until the following spring. Yes, humming birds are one of my favorites - but not my absolute favorite. That honor goes to....

...the ever elusive Baltimore Oriole!
From the first day I saw that flash of orange across the prairie sky, I was hooked. I wanted more!

These beauties are hard to spot. They flit and fly - and it is only when they are airborne that you see that brilliant orange blaze.

So, why am I perturbed? 

My feeders - two types - are ready - cleaned and filled - waiting for them. One is full of bright orange liquid - that looks just like Tang. The other is a votive candle holder full of grape jelly that sits in a white bird-sized gazebo. Really, these feeders are lovely. Just ask the humming birds who are gorging themselves on the Tang....or the wasps who think the grape jelly is divine.

But, you can't ask the Baltimore Orioles.... they aren't here!

(But, if you see them, put in a good word for my little prairie feast!)

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