Monday, March 4, 2013

A Birdie Blizzard!

 They're everywhere - that is, everywhere we have feeders! Finches hanging on socks and feeders, cardinals on trays, woodpeckers hanging upside down on suet feeders. Now that winter storms Q, Rocky, and Saturn have each taken their turn of dusting -or dumping- us with snow, the birds are feeder happy, and we are happy to have them flitting and flying to and from the feeders around our house. We have placed a flat-tray sunflower feeder and hung a suet block right by the window, and the birds don't seem to mind a bit that I sit here a watch them sample seed and nibble fat. 
So, here's hoping that the next storm is "Tiny" or "Timid" not "Torrent" or "Trouble". But in any case, we have plenty of fire wood in the shed - and seed in the trunk.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    It was lovely to find your comment on my giveaway post. I want to wish you the best for tomorrow's Draw. Here's hoping...


  2. Hi Lisa... It's Friday, first day of summer and I'm here to tell you that YOU won the giveaway "Remembering Dear Friends" art book by Aude Kamlet.


    Please contact me with your mailing info (my e*mail is on my blog profile).

    I hope you enjoy this lovely little book. And thanks very much for joining in the fun!